Married 3 Women on the Same Day, The Story of Men in Uganda It’s Viral

Ssemanda with his three wives

A man named Mohammed Ssemanda from Uganda at the end of 2017, has made netizens excited. How not, the man who daily work as a food vendor is rumored to have held a wedding with 3 women. In…


The Most Sensitive Body Parts The Libra For Quickly Stimulated

Sensitive body parts of libra

Each person has their own sensitive body parts that can be touched to make libido rise fast. High libido will make sex feel more enjoyable and can achieve orgasm. Actually how to stimulate the sexual passion of each…

Simple, 7 Things Men Want in Bed!

What men want in bed

Sexual satisfaction for a man is actually quite simple, compared to women who are more difficult to be satisfied when talking about making love. Actually what men want in bed is not excessive or need a mature and…

3 Strange Signs That Body Shows That You’re Not Healthy

The body mark is not healthy

The body has its way of showing you signs of being unwell. Unfortunately, we are rarely aware of that and assume that what is happening is not something to worry about because it does not cause severe pain….

Touching – 18 Hours After Married, This Woman Died Because of Cancer


Almost for everyone, marriage is a very happy moment. Marriage is also a moment so eagerly awaited by anyone in this world. But, not a few people who have to hold a wedding with conditions that are touching…

Expert Explanation on the Dangers of Vaginal Cleansing

Healthy Vagina

We find so many products called vaginal cleansers that offer help for “vaginal odor” and vaginal discharge, and “keep you fresh”. From deodorant to cleaning with cucumber, “panty liners” flavored, and the latest “vaginal” vaporizing trend. These products…

When the Holidays, the Celebrities Bring What Goods?

Kim Kardashian

If you are a long vacation to a country with a different climate, of course you need a product that suits your skin needs. This is also done by celebrities. Curious about the compulsory products they take on…