Recommend Ava & Leah, the Most Beautiful Twin Children in a World of Charm

Ava & Leah

For some time now, the names of Ava Marie and Leah Rose have become the names of netizens in many parts of the world. Both Ava and Leah are both 7 years old and are from the United States.

At the age of both are still very young, both able to bewitch millions of eyes and admit that both are twin sisters with charming beauty, charming and admirable. Both are even predicted as the most beautiful identical twins in the world.

Ava Leah Black and WhiteThe beginning of the emergence of Ava and Leah began when the mother that Jaqi post their photos in social media, Instagram with account name @ clementstwins. Posting a photo of both also aims to make them as a little model. Unexpectedly, in a short time, both names are popular among the public. Both have also signed contracts to become models. To date, their instagram account has been followed by at least 250 thousand followers.

The first pictures of Ava and Leah were posted by her mother on InstagramAccording to Jaqi, both Ava and Leah have been offered a model since they were 6 months old. But, Jaqi felt it was not the right time. And when two of his 7-year-olds, enough to understand the world around, he began to believe that his daughters could start a career in the world of modeling.

“Looking at their personalities and beauties now, it’s quite possible that both will be famous early, as long as I remember, every time I walk with them, other people always ask me if they’re twins, when I say yes they say my daughters are so beautiful. I am lucky to have both, not only beautiful, both also friendly and cheap smile.We are proud to have it, “said Jaqi.

Ava and Leah with Mom

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