Sports 10 Minutes Only, Brain More Smart and Sharp Memory

Sports Bike

Actually do not need sports for hours to get a healthy body. even to improve brain function, exercise or physical activity you need is actually just 10 minutes. Do not believe it?

Research published in Neuropsychologia found that a 10-minute physical activity alone is capable of increasing brain power for the short term. Other research revealed that 20 minutes of exercise can even make the brain stay young despite age grow older.

The test was performed on 14 healthy adults with cycling exercise and sitting reading magazines. After that they perform brain function tests, the results of cycling participants have better brain function than those who just sit reading.

10 minutes of exercise can keep the brain youngThose who sport increased 14% in terms of cognitive function, whereas only exercise in 10 minutes. In other words, to get healthy benefits, especially for the brain, it does not have to be a long sport.

Matthew Heath’s research also reveals that the results of this discovery are not only beneficial for most adults, but also very beneficial for the elderly who can not do heavy physical activity and too much because of the limitations of physical ability.

So if you want your brain to stay active, sharp, and stay smart all the time, all you need is to move your body just 10 minutes.

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