5 Easy Tips For Foundation Not Easy For Oily Skin

Tips for Oily Skin

Ever experienced a moment when makeup suddenly faded, when only a few hours are used? Things like this may be more often experienced by the owners of oily skin. Touching up at times like this is risky. In addition to making the makeup look so less natural, foundation will look cakey and less sticking, especially if not done with the correct technique. Applying makeup to long lasting on oily skin is a challenge, especially when wearing foundation. However, that does not mean there is no solution at all. To fix this, try to apply the following 5 easy tips for the foundation to stay durable and long lasting on oily skin!

| Apply Ice Stone to Face Before Applying Primer

Applying ice cubes to all cleansed faces is an effective way that has been passed down since the mother’s generation, or our grandmother to make the foundation more durable, especially on oily skin. The ice cold stone effect is known to tighten the pores of the face and stimulate the sebaceous glands to reduce oil production. That way, the foundation will look more durable, easy to stick, and free fastness because the face is not easy to oily.

| Routine Do Deep Cleansing

Routine Do Deep CleansingWho would have thought if a routine to do deep cleansing can make the foundation more durable on oily skin? Deep cleansing itself is a method of cleaning the face up to the pores. There are several stages of deep cleansing that need to be known, one of which is exfoliating aims to clean the dirt down into the bottom layer of skin. Exfoliate face using exfoliating toner you can do before wearing foundation. But, do not forget to use hydrating toner as well so that the face feels more damp and does not experience drought!

| Use the Mattifying Foundation

Use the Mattifying FoundationThe thing that oily skin owners should avoid is to use a foundation that has satin finish, shimmery, or other effects that make the facial skin look so lustrous. Using the foundation with these effects on oily skin will only make the skin look less pleasing to the eye because it looks more like an oil refinery. Therefore, choose a matte foundation. However, still make sure the foundation you use has a special formula that can moisturize the skin so that the texture of the foundation is not easily seen “broken”.

| Use Translucent Powder

Translucent powder is one of the keys to make the foundation easier to set and last longer. In choosing loose powder, you should avoid mineral powder because it can give a glow on the face. Translucent powder is the best friend for oily skin because it can absorb the oil as well as lock the foundation on the skin.

| Spray Setting

Spray SettingAfter applying translucent powder, spraying the spray setting throughout the face can be the best other way that can be done to keep the foundation stay in the skin. Spray setting itself consists of two types, namely that are mattifying and dewy. Make sure you use the type of mattifying for maximum desired matte results.

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