When the Holidays, the Celebrities Bring What Goods?

Kim Kardashian

If you are a long vacation to a country with a different climate, of course you need a product that suits your skin needs. This is also done by celebrities. Curious about the compulsory products they take on long vacations?

| Kim Kardashian: Silk Pillow

Pillows would have been provided at the inn later, but silk pillows have benefits for both hair and skin. Silk pillows may not be found where you stay during long holidays. Pillows with silk sheets can make hair friction is reduced, so the hair is not easily brittle and dry in long-term use. For skin too. Friction that occurs with a pillow (without silk sarong) can make the skin quickly wrinkles.

| Kate Winslet: Eye Cream

If it’s a long vacation, I’ll bring in moisturizer, night cream, and sunscreen. Apparently, there is one more skin care product that is less, if according to Kate Winslet: eye cream! According to him, when traveling, we definitely tend to be busy and may be tired. If not treated immediately, dark circles will appear. Good idea Kate.

| Jennifer Lopez: Mask

You go to areas with high sunlight? Or maybe to a cold mountain area? Both of course make the skin becomes dry and need more nutrition. Therefore, maybe you can cheat the items that Jennifer Lopez always brought. Makeup artist Kate Best advises them to bring a mask and wear it after every cleaning makeup.

| Chrissy Teigen: Coconut Oil

Already many know that Chrissy Teigen uses coconut oil for various treatments, including for the skin care of her daughter. Therefore, when traveling, Chrissy also definitely bring this product. Coconut oil is usually used to moisturize dry nail skin, to cope with diaper rash on her daughter.

| Gigi Hadid: Cleansing Wipes

When the holidays, it turns out cleansing wipes become mandatory products Gigi Hadid. According to him, this product is practical when used to clean the face but you do not want to do it in public toilets. This product is also useful when you make a long flight on the plane.

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