Touching – 18 Hours After Married, This Woman Died Because of Cancer


Almost for everyone, marriage is a very happy moment. Marriage is also a moment so eagerly awaited by anyone in this world. But, not a few people who have to hold a wedding with conditions that are touching and touching the heart. Not a few people who seem to have to get married in the hospital with very weak condition due to deadly illness he suffered.

Heather Lindsay, is a woman who also must be willing and steadfast because it can only hold a wedding at the hospital. Heather is an end-stage breast cancer patient. Since being sentenced to cancer last December 2016, he could only lie weak in the hospital.

Heather and her loverAlthough a series of chemotherapy has been done, fate says otherwise. The disease actually spread quickly to all the organs of his body. Seeing the condition of Heather that continues to deteriorate every day, this woman’s lover decided to propose her faster. The man is David Mosher.

David could not hold back tears whenever he saw Heather’s struggle against his illness. She wanted to always be by Heather’s side and relieve her pain. Couples have actually planned their marriage on December 30, 2017. But, early September 2017 doctors said that the cancer in Heather’s body had spread to the brain and his life could drift anytime, as soon as possible.

Heather and David's marriage is very movingThe doctor told David that Heather’s time was not enough to get the wedding planned. Although the woman has a high spirit of life, the disease can subvert at any time. Hearing this doctor’s explanation, David decided to marry Heather at a faster time.

Dated December 23, 2017, David married Heather at the hospital where he was treated ie Rs St Francis in Hardford, USA. Witnessed family, relatives and friends, the marriage is walking with great emotion. After officially becoming David’s wife, Heather raised her arms and said she loved David very much. Despite her very weak condition at the time, Heather seemed to convince everyone that she was all right.

18 hours after her marriage, Heather breathed her lastSad and heartrending, after this marriage about 18 hours later, Heather died. Less in a day of his dream of marriage with an idol lover is achieved. But, less in a day also after the achievement of the dream, he breathed his last.

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