Simple, 7 Things Men Want in Bed!

What men want in bed

Sexual satisfaction for a man is actually quite simple, compared to women who are more difficult to be satisfied when talking about making love. Actually what men want in bed is not excessive or need a mature and deep thinking, because a little touch can make it excited.

But if you want to know the little things and simple what he really wanted in bed, the following must be a list you should know.

1. Orgasm

Climax may be the ultimate goal, and so what a man always wants, either he or she sees from you. He wants to see yourself climax as well. He wants you both to enjoy the game.

2. Passion

As he always does, he also wants you to have a high sexual passion for him. He wants to see your enthusiasm on the bed and so he feels loved and desired. And your passionate attitude itself is able to make it turn on.

3. The lights are on

When most women are more comfortable doing sex with dark room conditions, men actually prefer if the lights are turned on. Basically a man is a visual being, not just because he is curious about what he does while making love, but he also wants to be more motivated to see your ‘innocent’ body and your sexy expression in front of him.

So many things men want in bed

4. Praise

Praise is a form of appreciation the most eagerly awaited man during lovemaking and after sex. The praise that comes out of your mouth is a form of acknowledgment that you, too, enjoy what you do and here he will be more proud of himself.

5. Variation of making love

Men have a high sense of curiosity, and do not be surprised if you want to try a lot of positions, variations of sex style that made him curious. He may have the idea after watching an erotic movie, but it’s also what keeps your sex life warm, because it’s not boring every time you make love.

6. Communication (talk dirty to me)

He wants to establish good communication with you before making love. Tell what you’re worried about what you want and do not want. While in the midst of penetration, he wants to know what you feel like because he also wants to make sure what he is doing is right. In fact he likes if you talk naughty or sexy to him. Often that’s what he’s waiting for from you. Talk dirty to him.

7. Sleep

Women are usually upset if the man immediately fell asleep after making love, this is exactly what he wants to say. He wants you to understand him, that after making love, he has spent a lot of energy. Having sex drained her and this made her tired. The hormones that make her relax after sex make her very sleepy, and sleep is unbearable. So he hopes you’re not offended when he falls asleep after making love.

That’s all the things every man always wants in bed. Actually quite simple right? Apparently, he did not need much to understand and also not complicated to understand.

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