Married 3 Women on the Same Day, The Story of Men in Uganda It’s Viral

Ssemanda with his three wives

A man named Mohammed Ssemanda from Uganda at the end of 2017, has made netizens excited. How not, the man who daily work as a food vendor is rumored to have held a wedding with 3 women.

In the photographs in circulation, Ssemenda wore after a light brown coat while the three women he married were wearing a white wedding dress.

The wedding party with three women is done Ssemanda because he felt unable to marry them one by one then held a wedding party three times. For that, he also held a wedding party with his three wives.

Ssemanda’s first wife named Salmat Naluwugge (48), his second wife named Jameo Nakayiza (27) and his third wife named Mastulah Nakayiza (24). With his first wife, the 50-year-old man has been married for 20 years. While with the second and third wives, he had just married both.

Despite having a wife of three, Ssemanda admitted family, especially his wives live in harmony with each other. They have also been given their homes so there is no jealousy or envy. “My wife is not jealous of each other, this relationship is good enough, each has got home and I promise to work harder for their happiness,” Ssemanda said.

His first wife, Naluwuge, said: “We are happy he has held a wedding for all three of us, with this marriage proving that he will not be discriminatory against us.

On the marriage of Ssemanda and his wives, hopefully get along well and happy always. Whatever your decision, hopefully that’s best for you.

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