Looks Younger Though Aged 40 Years Like Lenka Kripac

When we ask you to guess the age of musician Lenka, what is the number you mentioned? Lenka Kripac, as his full name, is actually a 40-year-old woman with two children.

He was born on 19 March 1978 in New South Wales, Australia. His career as a rising musician in 2008 ago and is now known as singer-songwriter indie-pop. To be able to look fresh and youthful, Lenka turned out to have special tips.

“Hair bangs are the best youthful option,” Lenka said in a conversation with a small media group at the JS Luwansa Hotel on Tuesday (27/3).

“I think banged hair is the best anti-aging solution because it can cover all the lines on the forehead.I usually cut hair in the salon but I tidied myself at home,” she added.

ZOMG I’m 40!!! What? Feels great actually, I highly recommend it!!! 👍

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Lenka (@lenkamusic) pada

As for the face, Lenka daily maintenance is only a sunscreen worn even during winter. Sunscreen with tint is the best choice because of Australia’s climate with abundant sun exposure.

However, he admitted that the new sunscreen he used in the last ten years. “Previously I never used sunscreen, but since I used it was very helpful against aging,” added the wife of James Gulliver Hancock.

All the above tricks coupled with Lenka’s youthful personality, making his appearance as not obsolete eaten by the times. No wonder then Lenka also continues to grow in the rapid competition of the music world today.

Lenka’s latest album, released in 2017, Attune, represents a mature but young life. In this album is told how he united with nature because that’s what he lived everyday with his small family.

“I moved my family from town to village, living a simple life despite the internet, I still have microphones and studios so I can still produce music Attune means being one with the environment and that’s what I want to teach my kids,” close Lenka.

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