Beware, Baby’s Feet Twisted Threads Can Be a Catastrophe

Pay close attention to the surroundings of your child as he plays or will sleep. Because we never know when danger comes, even through the unseen trivialities. Like a hair or a thread.

A hair or thread that binds strong parts of the body, can stop the blood circulation and of course dangerous things. In the world of medicine, this event is called hair tourniquet. Hair tourniquet usually occurs on the fingers, toes, arms, penis, tongue and other body parts.

Infants and young children prone to hair tourniquet caused by hair or thread that dangle in socks. Usually they will feel anxious and uncomfortable, followed by swelling in the twisted part due to the circulation of blood through the entangled vessels.

In severe cases, swelling accompanied by a wound can cause the finger or toe to be amputated.

If you find the child uncomfortable or crying constantly, check all parts of his body. Also make sure the play area and bed are free of yarn, hair and cloth fibers. If there is a family member whose hair is falling off, clean it immediately before the child reaches it. If found in a child, immediately cut off any disturbing object or take it to the hospital for a more professional treatment.