Cry For No Reason? Signs You Suffering Hypophrenia

Have you ever felt like crying for no apparent reason? Because it is not a few people who often experience the same thing.

It’s weird to see people change their mood so quickly and suddenly cry for no reason. Some guess it is bipolar, some also call it as hypophrenia.

Rena Masri M.Psi. explains, “This question should be examined more deeply, nor can we say the person who cries for no reason as a person with hypophrenia.If a person with bipolar, the mood of the person is swing.When in a state of sadness, in a matter of minutes he suddenly can laugh, “Rena said.

Psychologist Rena Masri disclosed that hypophrenia is a disorder that makes a person can be sad or cry suddenly. The cause is also various, whether it is unresolved trauma, still experiencing feelings of loss, and so forth.

Hypophrenia can be triggered by a deep, traumatic loss of feelings and deep sadness. The bitter past connection or the unforgettable bad experience, could be the trigger.

“If asked why he cried, maybe he also did not know the answer,” continued Rena.

We can just divert it, maybe only temporarily. However, it is not impossible that the effect can come suddenly.

“Uniquely, he did not realize that it was traumatic, so the emergence can suddenly come sadly and others.For a more advanced level, a person will experience a depressive bead,” lid Rena.

So if you like to cry without cause, chances are you have a traumatic sad experience in the past. Think again.

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