Revealed, Reason Window Plane Shaped Oval!

Have you ever wondered why commercial airplane windows are oval shaped? Why not square with sharp corners like windows on the house? But it is precisely this oval-shaped window that characterizes the window of the plane.

Apparently there is a reason why commercial aircraft windows are designed that way. The design of the oval-made airplane window is not the wrong choice. This is an innovation, a finding that can save many passengers souls.

If commercial plane windows are made square, like a house window, the whole plane seems to be destroyed in the middle of the flight. Want to know the reason?

Around the middle of the 20th century, commercial airlines began flying at higher altitudes. Fly higher turned out to be an effective step in saving money, as it could reduce air density. That means reducing airplane resistance so less fuel is wasted.

To be able to fly higher, airlines need to make some changes to the design of the aircraft. First, the cabin of the aircraft must be pressured so that all passengers can breathe properly when flying more than 30,000 meters above sea level.

Second, the outer design of the aircraft must be made cylindrical to withstand air pressure. In fact, both changes are not enough. In the 1950s, three planes fell. There is one thing they forget, they still use square windows.

Apparently, square windows are considered problematic for aircraft to be able to fly higher, because there are differences in atmospheric pressure and cabin. This difference makes the cabin widen, which results in damaged window material.

In contrast to oval-shaped windows, which is believed to be able to drain the air pressure smoothly around the fuselage. The oval window also helps reduce the buildup of air pressure that potentially damages the shape of the aircraft. The result, once tested, the aircraft can fly safely.

So now you know why the plane window is made oval and not square? Now your curiosity has been answered, while adding important knowledge about transportation.

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