Nutrition At Turmeric Helps Treat Cancer, Really?

Benefits of TurmericWho does not know turmeric. Everyone must know the spice that is rich in healthy benefits. Besides commonly used for medicine, spice turmeric is also commonly used as a natural dye food, as a flavoring dish even as a beverage. Turmeric is also a basic ingredient for making beauty products and natural ingredients to care for the skin, hair and other body parts.

Speaking of turmeric, researchers believe if the nutrients contained in turmeric could prevent and treat cancer or anti-cancer. There are several active compounds contained in a powerful turmeric that kills cancer cells and prevents its growth.

Antioxidants contained in the powerful turmeric counteract free radicals. One of the studies conducted by a cancer expert mentions that the curcuminoid content in turmeric is stronger to ward off cancer up to 8 times when compared with vitamin E. Curcumin compound in turmeric is also able to inhibit the development of cancer cells, relieve pain, counteract the smell and itching in the wound due to cancer.

Researchers found that the antimicrobial content of turmeric is useful in inhibiting the growth of various types of fungi, bacteria and viruses. Not only as an anti-cancer, turmeric was also good as anti-toxic and anti-senile (Alzheimer’s).

Consumption of turmeric regularly either as a beverage or spice in cooking, has a myriad of healthy benefits including one to prevent cancer. Although some experts believe turmeric can be anti-cancer, further research on the efficacy of turmeric will continue to be studied.

Consumption of turmeric alone is not enough to prevent and treat cancer. It is important for us to always apply a healthy lifestyle, the consumption of various vitamins that prevent the growth of cancer cells, have enough exercise, have enough rest and enough water consumpton. I hope this information is helpful.

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