As it turned out, this country is consumed Antibiotics Most in the World!

Consumption of antibiotic drugs is necessary for some health conditions, but did you know that there are countries that have a high level in the consumption of antibiotics?

Based on research from the journal Proceedings National Academy of Sciences, revealed that the use of antibiotics soared worldwide, especially in low- and middle-income countries. This happened within 15 years, from 2000 to 2015.

The use of this antibiotic increased by 39 percent per person, based on a sample from 76 countries. The number of doses consumed went up by 65 percent. Researchers noted that there are 5 countries that occupy the top most consumption of antibiotics.

The highest antibiotic consumption occurred in high-income countries, France, New Zealand, Spain, Hong Kong, and the United States during the year 2000. The survey results were taken from sales data from IQVIA’s global research company. In 2015, antibiotic consumption occurs in low- or middle-income countries, namely India, China, Turkey, Brazil, and Vietnam.

Although antibiotics are effective against disease-causing organisms and can kill other bacteria, the use of antibiotics should be well managed and appropriate. Because if the user stops consuming before the dose runs out, there will be bacteria left and not yet killed. These non-killed bacteria will be resistant to antibiotic effects, allowing them to multiply.

Researcher Temple Gallagher says, “Any use of antibiotics leads to resistance.If you take amoxicillin to treat the infection, then the bacteria in the intestine may not work against antibiotics.”

Therefore, preventive measures need to be taken as an alternative to reducing the consumption of antibiotics. According to researcher Eili Y Klein, along with the growth (income per capita) of a country, low- and middle-income countries tend to use more antibiotics so their consumption needs to be reduced globally.

In developed countries like the United States, the use of antibiotics is being reduced. For example, a patient with a fever or shortness of breath is not advised to take antibiotics.

So now you know which countries are the most antibiotic drinkers? Let’s keep health so no need to take antibiotics.

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