Behind the Millennial Beautiful Photo, Endless Struggle For Existence

Seeing millennial generation posts in social media, who does not want to directly follow and flood with like. Not only the ability of photography is mumpuni, stylish appearance and caption appropriate mood often make your own smile. Through the postings, the millennial world is really happy. But, do you know if the world behind the screen is not as sweet as the filter it chooses?

Never Get Out of the Smartphone

Smartphone is not just a communication tool, but also has an important role to support the existence of self. Starting from the job affairs, update in sosmed to create a lot of creative work. But, can not get out of the smartphone can cause a negative impact psychologically. One of them is nomophobia, a psychiatric disorder characterized by anxiety when not holding a smartphone.

For the Flood Like, It Takes a Little Effort

Do you know if 1 post photo in socmed takes a lot of effort? Starting from the selection of clothes for OOTD, photo angle kece, selection of matching filters with feeds, until the caption that will touch the heart of anyone. Of course all this requires a lot of thought and energy.

The Social Life in the Maya and Real World Is Reversed

When posting hangouts with my friends look familiar and togetherness looks really. In fact, when meeting all too busy editing photos and playing smartphone. The gathering with my friends did not have time to share each other, for the sake of self-existence in social media. Do you also experience the same thing?

Busy Play Smartphone, So Forget to Eat!

The excitement of life in social media, often makes millennials forget with life in the real world. Starting from the sleeping hour is reduced to forget to eat. Once eaten, which is consumed fatty foods, oily and spicy food that is all-spicy. No wonder if health problems such as ulcers are not avoided bias. If it were so, drink Promag, symptoms of heartburn quickly go back enjoy the day.

Exist in social media is okay, as long as it can put themselves well. Do not forget also to always put health everywhere. Exist in an elegant way!