Due to False Lipstick, Women’s Lips Experiencing Infection & Severe Swelling

To have a more maximal and beautiful appearance, there are now many cosmetic products that you can use. One of the most supportive cosmetics to enhance your own beauty is lipstick. For most women, lipstick is the most important makeup.

But remember, when choosing a lipstick or any cosmetic products, make sure the product is not harmful for health. Make sure also cosmetic products do not contain chemicals that can damage beauty and health.

Mistakes in choosing a cosmetic product can be very bad. As with what is experienced by this unnamed woman. The lips of this woman have severe infection and severe swelling due to the use of false lipstick. Not only swollen, this woman’s lips are also inflamed.

From the report, when using these lipstick products, this woman hopes to have a pink lips are durable. But unfortunately, his expectations were never fulfilled. Instead, her lips are sick, dry, cracked until swollen and inflamed.

Through her social media, this woman later revealed that her lips had an infection due to the use of false lipsticks. However, if you see so severe swelling and inflammation in the lips of this woman, netizens suspect that women use tattoos or embroidered lips.

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