Believed to be Healthful, Mom Feeds Her Toddler with a Tadpole Live

Every parents, especially mothers, want their baby to grow and develop well and healthy. Upon this desire, not a few parents who try to give the best food and vitamins according to each for the child. No exception to parents in China whose videos are viral in the last few days.

Instead of making many parents want to imitate and be proud of what he did for a healthy baby, this unnamed mother was actually blasphemed by netizens. What he does to the baby to be healthier is considered unreasonable and endangering his health.

This mother feeds her toddler with live tadpole. He believes what he does can make his baby’s health more memorable, immune to various diseases and grow and develop better in the future.

In the video that circulated, seen the mother feeding the child with a tadpole that is placed in the living bowl. There are several tadpoles in the bowl and one by one fed into the mouth of the child. The child is seen eating the tadpole by sharp. A relative who is supposedly the recorder of the moment said, “Look at that little fish, it’s delicious, do not eat it.”

Although the mother in the video claimed the tadpole made her child’s health better, health experts in China revealed the child could become infected and suffer from a rare disease if continuing to consume tadpoles. This health expert reveals that tadpoles that have been contaminated with parasites can be harmful to the health of children.

In some traditional Chinese herbology, tadpoles are believed to cure cysts as well as to detoxify the body. Even so, eating tadpoles alive is risky and increases a variety of health problems.

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