These 5 Passenger Questions Often Make Emotions of Flight Attendants!

Flying a plane ride is fun but also not apart from a variety of unique events, funny, or even annoying for the crew, one of the flight attendants. As a person who maintains the best aircraft service, stewardess is required to be friendly and able to deal with requests and questions from passengers.

But did you know that there are some passenger questions that often test the emotions of flight attendants? Quoted from the page, these are the questions.

Can swap seats?

There are many passengers who do not like the person sitting right next to him. There are many reasons, ranging from body odor, nag, and so forth. That is why many flight attendants get complaints of passengers’ requests to exchange seats with others.

But know that flight attendants can not do it. The flight attendant can not force anyone to change his seat. Not many know about this, but flight attendants often try to be patient with this kind of request.

Can you take care of my child for a while?

If you are traveling with children, then it is your responsibility as a mother to make sure everything is under control. Do not ask flight attendants to change diapers, take them to the bathroom and more. It’s not his job. But of course, if it’s necessary to just take care of it, they can do it well. But do not be too often just a hassle yes.

Can you accompany a drink?

The flight attendant will always be friendly, kind and help the passengers trouble as much as possible, but that does not mean it can be harassed. This question includes rude and disrespectful. They also do not have time to serve passengers in person. The crew was not allowed to sit and drink with passengers. They also should not drink alcohol at all when working.

Can I see the plane kitchen?

Maybe as a passenger, you’re curious about the kitchen plane. How to store food and so forth. But the plane kitchen is a room that is only accessible to the workers. Passengers simply can not enter the area. Even passengers are also forbidden to approach or stand at the entrance of the kitchen.

Request a phone number

There are times when the flight attendant meets passengers who are attracted to him and asks for his personal phone number. Though it was responded with a smile and a polite reply (because they were trained for it), but it could be that the stewardess actually cursed in the heart.

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