Made from Gift Wrap, This Girl’s Dress is Unique & Creative

The woman’s name is Olivia Mears. He is only 26 years old but he has produced the work of a beautiful dress, interesting and impressive. This North Carolina woman is successful in making beautiful dresses from various objects around it, including used gift wrap waste.

Mears is known as a fashion designer who turns unusual objects into beautiful dresses or clothes. In 2015, his name was noted as a fashion designer “Taco Belle.” A dress inspired by the beautiful dress of Princess Disney, Belle. Belle dress is made of tacos so the wearer will look like wearing a giant taco.

Mears is also noted to have made a dress shaped like a pizza cut to dress from beer packaging as well as toilet paper. Although made of unusual objects, Mears dress is very beautiful, charming and amazing. Most recently, Mears has made a dress from a used gift wrap. This dress is first made in 2014 and each year exactly during the holiday season, this gift made from gift wrap will be re-made.

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Having bright colors and unique designs, the gowns made from Mears gift wrap made by Mears look very beautiful, beautiful and creative. If the previous years dress made this beautiful woman nuanced gold and red, this year’s dress made from purple gift wrapping nuances purple.

In addition to wanting to make a beautiful dress of unusual objects, Mears admitted that he reduced the waste gift wrap is abundant in the Christmas holiday season as well as the New Year.

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