Tips to Prevent Small Si sickly When Young Adult

Children with anemia are even more dangerous than adults. Because, they are still in the growth phase.

In fact, when the nutrients obtained when the child is not optimal, this will result in adult easy to get sick, easily tired until the age of shorter. Jansen Ongko – Dietician & founder of Lagizi Health & Nutrition Services, said the symptoms of anemia do not exist, but moms can notice when the child was active become more lax, do not want to eat.

“There is also an advanced phase when anemia children are weak, tired, lethargic, pale skin, shortness of breath, weight loss, appetite and immune down. In fact, so skipping school, growth disorders, behavioral disorders, and low memory, “he said.

For that Jansen said, parents should improve good habits such as introducing physical activity early, because it can increase concentration. Improving diet, eating as diverse as containing iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin C contained in vegetables and fruits.

“Ideally children need 10 mg of iron and Zinc 11 mg,” he added.

Because, if the child is malnourished, this makes the child as an adult easily sick. “Red blood cells, iron and oxygen transport to the body if the lack of automatic nutrition is not distributed,” he concluded.

Jansen says many people forget that lifestyle since adolescence determines when adults grow up. When children or teenagers they eat only the important satiety but forget not to add nutrients like protein to their meal, this can be very dangerous. This is why nutritional insight should be instilled early on.

From now on we must be very careful when feeding our children.

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