Tips on Getting Long and Healthy Hair from Anastasiya Sidorova

Anastasiya Sidorova Hair Tips

Often uploading the appearance of her hair that looks long, bushy and healthy in social media accounts, he name Anastasiya Sidorova was so much conversation netizen. Not only admire the beauty of her hair lone, the follower also agreed to dub this Russian woman as Rapunzel.

Claimed to have experienced the problem of baldness or alopecia at the age of 18 years, Anastasiya had become a teenager who is inferior and lose confidence. To overcome the problem, the woman who has a hair length of 106 cm is immediately met the trichologist or medical experts about the problem of hair health and began to feel a good change in the growth of hair.

In addition to returning to find self-confidence, Anastasiya was finally decided to become a trichologist. Now the 23-year-old woman has been officially certified as a trichologist and opened a consultation session for £ 54 for each session. But you do not need to bother to pay for it, because Anastasiya also often share tips for free about hair care through the media social account. According to Anastasiya some of the following habits can help you to get a healthy and long hair.

| Reduce Habits of Straightening Hair

Reduce Habits of Straightening HairAccording to Anastasiya, the first thing to do to get healthy hair is to avoid the habit of straightening hair or hair clips. In addition to making the lining of the hair ruptured, and hair follicles become weak, every strand of hair exposed to the hot temperature will also lose its moisture.

In addition, the main danger that results from this habit is the loss of the original structure of the hair, especially for you who do the straightening technique permanently.

| Only Use Hair Dryer When Hair Condition Is Half Wet

One of the mistakes that women often make when the process of hair drying is to use a hair dryer on the condition of hair that really wet. This habit will make the hair becomes dry and brittle. We recommend the use of a hair dryer is only done on the condition of half-wet hair. According to Anastasiya when the hair condition is 60% dry you are allowed to use a hair dryer.

| Use Keratin Mask Each Finish Shampoo

In addition to these two tips, Anastasiya also always use keratin after each shampoo. Because according to a study, products with keratin content of 500 milligrams can give good effects such as reducing hair loss, strengthen the hair roots and help make the natural color of hair more sparkling.

In addition to tips from Anastasiya, you can also start doing the following habits that are believed to accelerate the process of hair growth.

| Use Essential Oil

Use Essential OilAdd a few drops of pumpkin seed oil to the shampoo or mix with jojoba oil and apply on the hair. According to a study the content of pumpkin seed oil is able to trigger hair growth in men who experience baldness up to 40%. In addition rosemary and peppermint oil is also called able to help hair growth.

| Consumption of Vitamin D and Omega-3 Supplements

Not only rely on hair care products, healthy hair growth can also be triggered from the fulfillment of protein and nutrients your body. To balance your treatment, try taking supplements regularly with omega 3 or vitamin D content. These two ingredients are believed to make hair stronger and prevent hair loss. But the use of this supplement is only done if you feel unable to meet the needs of the content of the food consumed every day, yes. Because consuming too much omega 3 can give side effects such as weakening the body’s immune and allergies.

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