3 Strange Signs That Body Shows That You’re Not Healthy

The body mark is not healthy

The body has its way of showing you signs of being unwell. Unfortunately, we are rarely aware of that and assume that what is happening is not something to worry about because it does not cause severe pain….

Expert Explanation on the Dangers of Vaginal Cleansing

Healthy Vagina

We find so many products called vaginal cleansers that offer help for “vaginal odor” and vaginal discharge, and “keep you fresh”. From deodorant to cleaning with cucumber, “panty liners” flavored, and the latest “vaginal” vaporizing trend. These products…

How To Prevent Migraine Disease According to Doctors

Migraine may interfere with activity

Have you ever complained of pain in your head? If so, you might get a migraine. This disease became one of the frequently complained by the public. Neurologist, Dr. Salim Harris, Sp S (K), FICA explains the disease…

Get Flat Stomach, Sports 5 Minutes It Can Do Everyone


It does not matter if you are not a sports hobbyist or attend gym or aerobics gymnastics. No need to exercise too long if you want to have a flat stomach and get rid of bloated. Because you…

6 Symptoms Shown Body Before Heart Attack

Symptoms of a woman's heart attack

Heart attacks in women may be more often ignored. Symptoms that can be seen was not extreme, even impressed very not worried. In fact, heart attacks are deadly and if not known from the beginning, the life of…

These 3 Levels of Illness For You Who Hobby Photos Selfie, Anything?


Who does not like selfie? Every moment of course we immortalize by doing selfie, whether it’s selfie only self or together. But who would have thought if the selfie can bring problems for our health. According to his…

5 Types of the Best Food to Keep Lungs Clean and Healthy

Foods rich in fiber and vitamin C are very good at maintaining the health of the lungs

Many foods can help you lose weight, there is also good for the heart, lower cholesterol and so on, but rarely discuss about good food for lung health. Though this breathing organs are also very important to be…